Rental Policies

Rental Duration

All prices on our website include up to 6 hours of play time between 9am-7pm. For additional hours it is $10/hr.

For overnight rentals we charge an additional 25% and 2 day rentals we charge 50% of the first day price. The 6 hours don't apply for overnight or 2 day rentals.

There are a few games that are less than a 6 hour rental: the foam party & Laser Tag which are by the hour. Call to book these items.

Delivery, Setup & Pickup

Our prices include delivery the day of the event, setup of the game(s) and pickup of the games.

If you are doing an event at a park or commercial location we do charge an extra fee for specific loading and unloading times as well as insurance.

If you are only renting tables, chairs, concessions etc. on their own a $100 minimum is required.


We accept debit / credit card only.

We do accept checks but only from Schools, Churches, and Businesses.



100% of the order if the order is under $112.50
$50 if the order is between $112.50-$249
$100 if the order is between $250-$599
25% of the order if the order is over $600


-deposits are NON-refundable
-please only pay the deposit amount
-deposits can be used as a raincheck for ONE future order when cancelled by the day before the event.
-deposits CAN'T be used as rainchecks if cancelled the DAY OF the event.
-deposits CAN'T be used as rainchecks if the event cancelled is on a HOLIDAY.



-Cancellations must be made the day before the event for the deposit to be used as a Raincheck.
-Cancellations made the day of the event will lose the deposit.
-Once the game is delivered and setup, the event cannot be cancelled.


-Rainchecks can be used towards a future event.
-Cancelling an event with a raincheck forfeits the raincheck.
-Additional money paid can be used as a new raincheck.


-No refunds of money paid as the deposit.
-No refund of any money paid.
-Money paid will be used as a raincheck if it follows the cancellation policy.

Additional Fees

Turf - $25

Park - $25
Commercial - $25
Military Bases- $25
Special Load-in- varies (incl. elevator, steps, etc.)
*no apartment complexes, only locations with private yards.

Extended Hours
$10/ hr until 7pm
8pm - $20
9pm - $40
10pm - $60
Overnight Rental (pickup b4 noon)- 25%
2 Day rental(pickup after noon)- 50%

*included in park and commercial location fee

Important Links

  • Delivery Area - Check out our large free delivery area as well as our expanded delivery area for large events.
  • Game Sizes - Check to see if what you want to rent will fit in the area you want it to go.
  • Before Booking - Check out an important guide of what you need and what you need to do before we deliver.

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