College Packages

Archery Tag - $599 / 4 hrs

This team sport can be played by up to 10 people at a time. Teams hide behind the bunkers for protection and come out to hit the other team with foam padded arrows! Our referee staffs the games and calls people out who have been hit. The games setup area is flexible.

Knocker-Soccer - $599/ 4 hours

8 Players compete, 4 v 4, to score on the other teams goal!

16" Large Stuff-A-Bears $12.99/

Great for Back-to-School, Welcome Week, Orientation, or just anytime you need a friend! These animals are meant to be hand stuffed and come with stuffing for fast clean use and custom printed t-shirt.
Minimum Order: 200. - $12.99/ bear

Pucker Powder Candy Straws
$1.15 - $3.05/straw

The ultimate DIY candy straw. Pick from dozens of flavors to make a unique combination of flavors. Then carry them around and get a Sugar Rush throughout the day! We can place this machine anywhere, not power required, and the students make their own straws!

130' Obstacle Course Challenge - $999

Can you beat your friends to the finish line after traveling 100 feet through tunnels, stairs, slides and obstacles?

Game Night - $1500

Bring the students together with this Larger than Life games that will make everyone laugh.

1) Whack-a-Mole
2) Human Billiards
3) Twister
4) Hungry Hippo
5) Soccer Dart
6) Giant Jenga

Ultimate Sports - $2000

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Carnival Day - $2000

2 tents, 4 games, shooting gallery, axe throw and more!

Wet 'n Wild

-Water Wars (sling shot)
-Foam Party
-Dual lane Slip 'n Slide


Inflatable Movie Screens

Multiple sizes available. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!
*Package prices don't include travel and hotel costs.

Call or email for a custom package!

Call or email us what you are interested in and we will send you a package price including travel and other fees. If you aren't sure what you need, just ask and we will be glad to help pick out the right equipment for your event. (504) 467-4FUN

Here is an event we did for ULM in August 2016

This is a video sent to us from ULM staff. You'll see the Big Ball Jump, Wrecking Ball, Mardi Gras Challenger, & Bungee Run in this video. Book with us and your event can be just as much fun!

Zorb Balls w/ track

This super popular competition game works for any event.

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